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Saturday, July 18, 2009
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

So I watched HP6 last Friday...IT WAS AWESOME.

I was really shocked that *censored.* I don't wanna be a spoiler xDD Anyways,you'll get to see Voldemort's Past,Who Ron Weasly really likes,and many more~!I really recommend this movie coz it's SUPER NICE.I rate it a 4.5 coz I didn't really like the ending xDD But my friend Emilyn told me what happens next :D She read HP7 already so YEAHHH.Can't wait for HP7! xDD

Anyways,that's all for now. *bow*

'Celinie offed at 10:42 AM♡.
Happy Birthday Taemin~!

Just dropping by here~

Sorry I haven't posted here since like,last week...?I've been really busy with school~

Just wanna greet SHINee's Taemin a HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!

okaaaay,I guess I'm kinda late...It's like,1:39AM already =A=

! ^_~

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Thursday, July 2, 2009
A song really similar to SNSD's "Genie"?
This is really shocking... O__O

Listen to this:

(credits to ZuhRaBegiM)

and Compare it to this:

(credits to 101Nanonine101)

According to allkpop:

"Due to SM Entertainment's past remake issues, many people were quick to assume that the company had simply bought another already-released song. But, news reports are stating that the song is supposed to be SM's and SM's only. They officially purchased the music from Universal Music Publishing Group on February 1st, 2009, with the song's lyrics and K-pop-ification done by SM-hired Yoo Young Jin and Yoo Han Jin. Universal Music Publishing Group has stated that they believe their song's demo tape was leaked, and is considering legal action against the producers of Dineyra's song.

But regardless of what happens between UMPG and the Uzibekistani entertainment world, the important thing for us K-pop fans is that SM and SNSD are free of any guilt on this particular issue, and that we can listen to "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" without any controversies lingering in the back of our minds."

I'm glad to that they(SNSD) didn't copy it xDD Why would they? xDD So yeah. I was really shocked at first but I'm glad in the end it was a mistake that I thought they(SNSD) copied it (;

(credits to allkpop)

ohyeah.Check this out:

(credits to kinthetrunk)
It's also the same beat&stuff. xDD But anyways...

Rainbows&&Lollipops,Celinie (:


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2NE1 without Makeup O__O
So I was checking out allkpop and saw this photos of 2NE1 without make-up...

I'm actually REALLY shocked...But Dara and Bom looks okay,I guess.But Minzy and CL...Really shocked.I can't believe the photographer would take photos of THAT. :|

CL looks really
different O__O

(credits to allkpop for the photos)


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Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Big Bang&&2NE1 News (;
So...There's already a full version of 2NE1's song, "I Don't Care".It's really nice actually...Not that much like their song "Fire" but it's nice (; It's SUPER nice (:

(credits to BigBangandSHINeeFans)
Nice,ne? xDD And I like the new photos of them :DD

Oh yeah...Big Bang.I have 2 news about them...

First...Their appearance in the game Sudden Attack.

It's so cool :DD T.O.P. looks like...TOP. xDD I didn't really recognize Seungri at first but yeah.

Oh yeahh...VIDEOS~!

Sudden Attack Intro:

Making of:

(credits to the7REAL for the videos.)
Daesung's so funny xDD At first I was curious WHO was the guy in the black hoodie I was like..."Seungri,IS THAT YOU? O__O" =)))

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS. =)) I'm imagining myself playing this and I'll keep on hearing their Engrish xDD


Big Bang releases Gara Gara Go MV~!

(credits to YGEntertainment for the video.)
It's nice xDD Pretty cool actually xDD GD and his weird hairstyles again *rolls eyes* Nice MV,ne~? xDD

Anyways,I'll stop for now~

Bye guysss~!

Rainbows&&Lollipops,Celinie (:


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Monday, June 29, 2009
Short Post (:
So this is gonna be a really short post xDD Well,not REALLY.But yeahhh.

School today D: HELL. We had the parts of the sewing machine thing in TLE,the...See?!I can't even think right now xDD I'm REALLY tired. xDD But got the chance to sneak and use the laptop :DD But I'll be going soon (;

Anyways...(according to allkpop)

Sungmin of Super Junior got injured...WHY ARE THERE SO MANY KPOP STARS WHO GETS INJURED?! =.= Well,hope he gets better soon~Just watched a video of Super Junior at the Taiwan Golden Music Awards...Obviously,Kim Ki Bum wasn't there >.> But I'm glad to see Sungmin there :D OH,and Eunhyuk too~! xDD Here's a photo of them...But Sungmin isn't there due to his injury...RYEOWOOK'S SO DAMN CUTE! xDD

Anyways...Let's talk about the Wonder Girls...

(credits to The official Wonder Girls Youtube Channel for the video)

Wee~Glad to see there are many fans :DD And the English version of Nobody is nice (: But I prefer the Korean version more...But anyways... =)))

Kaayyyy.I have to go already xDD Bye guyss~

Rainbows&&Lollipops,Celinie (:


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Saturday, June 27, 2009
Onew fainting&SHINee's Homage to Michael Jackson.

(credits to pheneral for the vid.)
Yes.That's the accident last Saturday in KBS Music Bank.

Notes from the videos:
[0:30] We can see Onew limping around in the encore due to his injured ankle from the "Juliette Performance"
[1:08] Though we cannot see the light falling directly, we can infer that the light fixture began to fall somewhere around here, from the fans' screams and the flurry of pop stars running from the light.
We catch a glimpse of staff holding up the perilously unstable light fixture.
[1:31] Onew is clearly woozy, leaning lifelessly on his manager. Netizens are suspecting that his injured ankle, the screaming fans, the chaos of the falling structure, and the overall overworked schedule of a K-pop star all contributed to his fainting.
[2:20] SHINee's manager carries the fainted Onew off the stage.
(credits to allkpop for the notes.)

Juliette Performance

But now...They performed on MBC Music Core.I'm happy that Onew's alright :D I mean,who isn't? xDD lolz.

(credits to CodeMonmonSeason2 for the vid.)

That's all for now,again. xDD (:

(credits to allkpop for the info.)

Rainbows&&Lollipops,Celinie (:


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